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Made To Order- Vintage

The Made To Order (MTO) concept was created by Dr. Brian H. Price over ten years ago while he was at the helm of In The Game.

The concept allowed collectors to choose the player they collect and then choose from the memorabilia available for that player and have a card made personally for their collection.

Now President's Choice Trading Cards brings this exciting concept back to the hobby.

Made To Order pieces are determined on the player chosen and the type of memorabilia pieces used in the making of the MTO card.

Each vintage MTO player will be listed with all of the different pieces of Game-Used memorabilia available for the creation of your MTO card.

Each MTO card is a 1/1 and only Game-Used memorabilia will be used in MTO Cards.

Once you select your player and that player is in the checkout cart you will see the price for the MTO card and the available memorabilia for that player.

If you wish to proceed with the purchase you first choose your design from the three designs at the bottom of this page, you then select the type of memorabilia you want us to use in the creation of your card from the memorabilia available and finally you can determine if you want to personalize your MTO card.

Collectors can have their MTO cards personalized. We will put on the back of your MTO card: "This card was made exclusively for the YOUR NAME collection."

If you choose "Yes" please let us know what name you want on your MTO card by putting the name you request in the "add a note to your order" area of your checkout page. 

Production time for MTO cards will be 6-8 weeks.



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