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Babe Ruth (Boston) MegaPatch 1/1 (A)

Babe Ruth (Boston) MegaPatch 1/1 (A)


Babe Ruth (Boston) MegaPatch baseball trading card 1/1 (A)

MegaPatch cards feature 1/1 reproductions of original drawings of many outstanding athletes from all the major sports along with a large piece of a commemorative patch* chosen specifically for each 1/1 card.
* Please note that these patches are not from game-worn jerseys, they are commemorative patches. 

Any collector who purchases a MegaPatch card will have the exclusive right for seven days to purchase the original art used on the MegaPatch they purchased. Each piece of original art will cost $50 plus shipping and handling. You will receive an email from us after you purchase your MegaPatch to determine if you would like to avail yourself of this offer. If you choose not to purchase the original art, we will offer it to other collectors.

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