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Blue and White Centennial Taking Shape

The production of my Blue and White Centennial product is going extremely well. We are on target for our mid-January release.

A definitive date will be announced shortly. Only 100 5-Box Cases are being produced, that's 500 serially numbered Boxes. It is also important to note that any collector acquiring a sealed 5-Box case will receive the complete Premium Base Card Set with matching serial numbers. I don't this has ever been done before. Now for some images of the stunning cards that are being produced. Captains Row This insert set features Blue and White Captains from the entire 100 years of the franchise. Here is the checklist: CR-1 Double Sided Card:

Day/Conacher/Kennedy/Keon/Sittler/Clark/Gilmour/Sundin CR-2 Day/Conacher/Kennedy/Keon CR-3  Sittler/Clark/Gilmour/Sundin


Dual-Sided Captains Row Card



It is difficult to combine ten different images and their names, ten different pieces of game-used memorabilia and their names on one trading card and make it look organized and desirable.

I hope you will agree with me when I say that I think our talented designers have found the way.

There will be 12 different Decadence Cards in our Blue and White Centennial product.

DECA-1 Decadence Goaltenders
DECA-2 Decadence Netminders
DECA-3 Decadence 30s
DECA-4 Decadence 50s
DECA-5 Decadence 60s
DECA-6 Decadence 70s
DECA-7 Decadence 80s
DECA-8 Decadence 90s
DECA-9 Decadence 2000s
DECA-10 Decadence Defense
DECA-11 Decadence Forwards
DECA-12 Decadence Vintage

Decadence Goaltenders Card


Decadence Thirties Card


Decadence Defense Card


Decadence Fifties Card


I would also like to show you a new twist on our Enshrined Insert Set. Each Card is a tribute to a Blue and White player who has been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. In the HHOF their image and name is etched into a piece of glass. Well we have tried to give our Enshrined Cards the same feel. Coving the image of the player on the Blue and White Enshrined Card is a piece of glass. Something different, I hope you like it.


Five of the Cards from the Enshrined Insert Set

There are 23 Enshrined Inserts out of 10 in the product.

E-1 Bailey, Ace
E-2 Belfour, Ed
E-3 Bower, Johnny
E-4 Clancy, King
E-5 Fuhr, Grant
E-6 Gilmour, Doug
E-7 Horton, Tim
E-8 Kelly, Red
E-9 Kennedy, Ted
E-10 Keon, Dave
E-11 Lumley, Harry
E-12 Mahovlich, Frank
E-13 McDonald, Lanny
E-14 Parent, Bernie
E-15 Plante, Jacques
E-16 Primeau, Joe
E-17 Salming, Borje
E-18 Sawchuk, Terry
E-19 Sittler, Darryl
E-20 Stanley, Allan
E-21 Sundin, Mats
E-22 Ullman, Norm
E-23 Watson, Harry
And there are 5 different Enshrined Inserts out of 5 in the product.
E-24 Broda, Turk
E-25 Conacher, Charlie
E-26 Day, Hap
E-27 Jackson, Busher
E-28 Nighbor, Frank


Remember, there are 3 different Game-Used Insert Cards in each box of Blue and White Centennial along with 10 Premium Base Cards, 6 Autograph Cards and 1 Assigned Seat Card. The product releases in mid-January. Get yours. Hobby shops contact your distributors and collectors contact your hobby shop. More information coming in future editions of The Prez Sez.

Brian Price

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