Unique insert and autographed sports trading cards.
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About us

The trading card industry is currently based on manufacturers producing boxes of cards that contain individual packs of cards. Randomly inserted in these packs are special insert cards which are either autograph cards, game-used memorabilia cards or a combination of both. Collectors buy boxes of cards and open the packs in the hope of finding these randomly inserted insert cards, the most valuable cards in the marketplace.

President’s Choice Trading Cards will be the first sports trading card manufacturer to change this dynamic.

President’s Choice will manufacture unique inserts and autograph cards and sell them directly to collectors online thus eliminating the need to open packs to find the cards the collectors want.

In addition, PCTC will bring back a concept introduced by President’s Choice Trading Card founder, Dr. Brian Price in 2002, namely Made To Order 1/1 inserts.

This concept was originally introduced by Dr. Price in In The Game’s Ultimate Memorabilia 2nd Edition. Randomly inserted redemption cards were inserted into this product and the collector who was lucky enough to “pull” one of these redemption cards could pick the player to be featured on the card and the type of game-used memorabilia featured in their card as well.

Made To Order cards remain some of the most sought after cards in the marketplace. Now collectors can order these cards without having to search for random redemption cards in packs and boxes.

So welcome to the President’s Choice Trading Cards online store and have fun collecting our cards.

Dr. Brian H. Price