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Exciting News From President's Choice

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

It is simply not true. With the help of my grandchildren, you can now follow President's Choice Trading Cards on Twitter.

Just log on to our Twitter page at https://twitter.com/PrezChoiceTC.

This will allow us to instantly communicate with our Twitter followers all the new cards as they are listed in our online store.

Speaking of which, we are pleased to announce some new cards in both the Lace 'Em Up and Record Book categories.

Lace 'Em Up will now feature more than hockey cards. Check out these two new additions to the category:

Aren't they great and there are many more to come featuring baseball, football, basketball and even soccer.

New additions to the Record Book category include:

Two pretty tough customers.

Check out all the newly listed cards at presidentschoicetradingcards.com.

And follow us on Twitter.

Brian Price

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