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President's Choice Announce one for the Record Books

President's Choice is pleased to announce an new category of cards entitled Record Book.

Each 1/1 Record Book card features game-used memorabilia on a card depicting a record set by the athlete on the front of the card.

Hockey card collectors will love the Maurice Richard Record Book card depicting Richard's NHL Record of most goals in the Stanley Cup finals for a career.

Football card collectors can pay close attention to cards such as the Jim Brown Record Book card.

Basketball card collectors will not be left out of this new product line as we include some great game-used memorabilia of record setters like; LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain and many more.

"I personally think that Record Book is one of the nicest groups of trading cards I have ever produced during my 27 years in the hobby" says Dr. Brian H. Price, "I hope you enjoy them".

Sixteen Record Book cards will be listed in the online store tonight with more in production.


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