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President's Choice's Presidents Birthday Weekend Sale

happy-birthdayMay 28th is the President’s Choice Trading Cards’ president, Dr. Brian H. Price’s 70th Birthday. We know, he doesn’t look a day over 69 but he really is turning 70 on May 28th.

To celebrate this occasion we are having a sale for Dr. Price’s entire Birthday Weekend. Commencing at the stroke of midnight Friday night and continuing until Sunday at 12:00 PM, items listed below will be on sale to all President’s Choice customers. Simply visit our online store and apply the discount code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to all items on sale.

  • all StickRack cads 15% off
  • all MegaPatch cards 15% off
  • all International Ice Autograph cards 15% off
  • all Teammates cards 15% off
  • all NamePlates cards 15% off
  • all StickHandle cards 15% off
  • all Hall of Fame cards 15% off
So join in all the fun and help us celebrate. Order some of the cards in our store that you were waiting for the right time to buy. Happy Birthday Brian

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