Unique insert and autographed sports trading cards.
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Some New President's Choice Cards

President's Choice Trading Cards is in the business of manufacturing high-end sports trading cards. One of our unique trading card concepts will be the creation of a series of unique 1/1 inserts.

In addition, we will bring back the Made To Order concept that Dr. Price pioneered more than a decade ago and some exciting limited edition boxed products. Currently, collectors can only acquire high-end inserts by buying packs of cards and hope that these packs contain random insert cards. In addition, collectors can go to sports card shows or bid in auctions on eBay and other auction houses for these types of insert cards but in reality, they would be buying them from others who got them out of packs and they are priced accordingly. Never before has a manufacturer sold these high-end insert cards directly to collectors. We see this as a unique opportunity to be the first manufacturer to market sports cards in this manner.

PCTC will use Dr. Price’s 26+ years in the sports card business to create for collectors the type of unique cards they will want to collect. We believe that the combination of this new method of selling high-end inserts along with Dr. Price’s 26+ years of licensing, manufacturing and distributing sports trading cards will make this a successful endeavor. Over his career in the industry, Dr. Price has attended hundreds of sports trading card shows and conventions and through his dialogue with collectors, he has gained an appreciation of the type of cards collectors want to buy and collect. I am proud to show collectors some of the new concepts developed by President's Choice Trading Cards. MegaPatch Cards Each MegaPatch card combines original artwork and colorful commemorative patches* to produce some highly collectible 1/1 cards.

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And to add to the collectibility, if you purchase a MegaPatch card, you will have the exclusive right for seven days to purchase the original art from which the card was created. If you choose not to buy the original art, then it will be offered to other collectors.


The original art and the MegaPatch card together in your collection! Amazing. *to be perfectly clear, the commemorative patches are not game-used And not all MegaPatch cards are hockey cards, take a look at the Babe Ruth MegaPatch cards:

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The same holds true with the Babe Ruth MegaPatch cards. You have an exclusive period of one week to purchase the original art if you purchase the MegaPatch card. Dynasty Stick Cards Another new concept from President's Choice Trading Cards is the Dynasty Stick cards. Each card is a 1/1 and features Game-Used sticks from members of different NHL dynasties. The first dynasty to be featured is the Edmonton Oilers.

bill-ranford essa-tikkanen mark-messier

We have also created 9 Montreal Canadiens' Dynasty Stick cards. Each card is a 1/1 and there will also be a 1/1 Montreal Canadiens Dynasty Stick sheet.

lapointe harvey maurice-richard

Another concept made popular by Dr. Price is the insert card. Each card features an autograph of a legendary player on a hockey stick. Here are the first group to be created.

lesieur adams thompson

This is just the beginning of the amazing products being created at President's Choice Trading Cards. Feel free to meet with Dr. Price at the Fall Expo in Toronto this weekend and share your likes and dislikes of our new ideas and perhaps give us some ideas of your own. The President's Choice Blue and White Centennial trading card product will also be previewed at the Fall Expo. Make sure you get a chance to see it.

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