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Best In Net: A Huge Success

Fall Expo

While the President’s Choice Trading Cards staff is still working overtime to fulfill all the orders placed online and at the Fall Expo, I wanted to point out that there are still many great cards available for collectors at presidentschoicetradingcards.com.

It was very exciting as the Fall Expo commenced, removing cards from the online store that sold at the Expo and removing cards from the showcase at the Expo as they sold online. Boy, were we busy.

One of the cards bought online and quickly removed from our Fall Expo showcase was a Gerry Cheevers One Of A Kind.


There is currently a debate in the hobby that this card might be the best game-used memorabilia card ever made. Naturally, I would agree with this, but I am biased.

The new Best In Net category unveiled at the Fall Expo was a huge success. Still some great cards remain for sale and more cards will be added to this category in the weeks to come.


I also want to inform collectors that next week there will a new group of cards released and posted in our online store, including StickHandles, StickRacks, One Of A Kind and some incredible vintage Lace ‘Em Up cards.


Please check them out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Brian Price

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