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Introducing "Best In Net"

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The history of professional hockey has showcased amazing goaltenders, from Georges Vezina to Carey Price. The list of iconic goalies is a very long one, but as in any list, there is a goalie on the list that is considered Number One.

President’s Choice Trading Cards is releasing a new product category paying tribute to the greatest goalies of all time, “Best In Net”.

At the top of our list of NHL goalies is Martin Brodeur and the top of our list of International goalies is Vladislav Tretiak.

These two remarkable athletes are the President’s Choice “Best In Net”.

Here are some of the great cards you can acquire from the “Best In Net” collection.

Hard-Signed Limited-Edition Autograph Cards

Each card is hand-signed by either Martin Brodeur or Vladislav Tretiak and serially-numbered to 20. There are 10 different cards for each goalie.

The “Best In Net” collection features some incredible game-used memorabilia cards. There are 10 different game-used memorabilia subsets being released at this time along with two other spectacular autograph sets: Vintage PaperCuts and LumberGraphs.

Game-Used Glove

Each card in the Game-Used Glove subset is serially-numbered to only three. Each card features a piece of a game-used goalie glove.

Jumbo Memorabilia

Each card in this insert set is a unique 1/1 featuring distinctive pieces of game-used memorabilia.


Game-Used Patch


Each card in this insert set is serially-numbered to 3 and features patches from game-used jerseys.


Unique 1/1 nameplates from game-used goalie sticks.

Tape Job


Each Tape Job card features a piece of game-used stick and jumbo piece of game-used tape from the same stick. Each Tape Job card is serially-numbered to 3.

Vintage PaperCuts

These unique 1/1 cards need no description; a solid piece of hockey history.

Paddle Down

Featuring pieces of game-used goalie stick paddles, this insert set is serially-numbered to either three or five.

Game-Used Pad

Each card in the first release of the Game-Used Pad subset is serially-numbered to three and each card features a piece of game-used pad.


Each Fantastick is a 1/1 featuring a jumbo piece of a game-used goalie stick.

One Of A Kind

There are 36 different cards in the first One Of A Kind subset. Each card is a unique piece of game-used memorabilia and is a 1/1.

We are so proud of these cards that I thought I should show you more than one. These won’t last long in our online store.

All of the "Best In Net" cards will be listed in our online store tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST and will be available in-person at the Fall Expo in Toronto starting at 12:00 PM EST -- visit us at Booth #1101 during the weekend. 

Please be advised that our online store will be closed between 9:30AM EST and 11:00AM EST tomorrow, Friday November 10th so that all these cards can be listed.

Hope you enjoy them and good luck collecting the card you want for your PCs.

- Brian Price

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