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President’s Choice Presents: Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

For over a century, the Montreal Canadiens have been one of hockey’s most beloved teams. President’s Choice Trading Cards is proud to present Bleu, Blanc et Rouge -- a product featuring Montreal’s all-time greatest players. It has 50 Premium Base Cards, serial-numbered to just 100 copies each, and over 30 different types of serial-numbered Game-Used Memorabilia Cards and Autographed Cards. 

Premium Base Card



Bar Down

Blades of Steel

Bulging the Twine

Captains Row (Four)

Captains Row (Six)


Decadence Vintage

Game-Used Glove

Game-Used Glove Quad

Game-Used Number

Game-Used Patch

Honoured Members

Jumbo Memorabilia

Lace ‘Em Up


StickRack Twelve (two-sided)

Tape Job


...and many more! 

Each box is serial-numbered to 1,000 and contains a 12-card pack consisting of 2 Game-Used Memorabilia Cards and 5 Autographed Cards, including 1 Assigned Seating Card, and 5 Premium Base Cards. Each is serially-numbered out of 100.  

NOTE: Customers who order 10 boxes of Bleu, Blanc et Rouge will receive boxes that contain 50 base cards with the same serial numbers. 

For more images and information, view the sales sheet. (PDF)

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